Thursday 25 November 2010

Winter Warmth

With large amounts of snow falling in Scotland and Northern England at the moment, the feeling of walking into warm house to escape from the cold and snow outside is only going to become even more desirable.

During the Winter months it becomes more important that a fire is not just decorative, but also has a significant heat output to provide that desired heat in the room. Stoves and larger gas fires provide that perfect glow and ambience, filling the room with warmth and that stereotypical, picture-postcard christmas living room scene. Filled with that lovely warm glow, with the christmas tree lit up in the corner and snow falling just outside the window.

With the large viewing window and substantial heat output, the Firebelly FB3 is perfect for such an occasion. The Firebelly FB3 is hand-built with high-quality materials and is available in a range of different colours, the days when a stove was a small black cast iron box sat in the corner and offering limited, at best views of the glowing fire inside are gone. The Firebelly FB3 offers unparalelled views of the fire within thanks to the extremely large viewing window and effective air wash system that keeps the window clear of smoke. At 18kW of heat output then this stove provides more than enough heat for even the biggest rooms. With modern contemporary styling and available in 18 different colours, this stove should fit in with most styles of decor and become the focal piece when a fire is going. Also available in a double sided versions to take pride of place in the centre of a room of possibly built into a false wall or room divider for added impact.

For a more traditional appearance then perhaps the Vermont Castings Intrepid II Multifuel or woodburning stoves. "The World's Finest Cast Iron Stoves" combine a traditional and time tested appearance with state of the art technology such as a catalytic conbustion chamber which ignites any unburnt products of combustion and increases the efficiency and heat output of the stove. The Intrepid II also makes use of Infra-Red Reflection technology and an air-wash to make sure that the windows stay as clear as possible to give the best view of the fire within.
Available in matt black as standard or also available in biscuit, bordeaux or black enamel finishes to create that extra level or style and design. While the Intrepid II only gives out 7kW of heat, this high level is certainly enough to heat most sized living spaces. The traditional styling adds to the rustic charm of the Intrepid stove and the time-tested design almost ensures durability and would be perfect to warm the living room on a cold snowy evening or weekend.

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