Saturday 6 November 2010

Save Money Now!

As I write this post it is only 58 days, 14 hours and 22 minutes until the Sales tax is rising by 2.5 percentage points to 20% starting on 4 January, 2011, as part of the coalition government’s plans to reduce the UK budget deficit.

Although this may not sound much that 2.5% could have a very big impact on the price of the fireplace you are looking to purchase. For example the Drugasar Metro 100XT Balanced Flue Gas Fire, one of the most popular Hole-In-The-Wall style gas fires, producing 6.3kW of heat energy at up to 70% efficiency, this high quality and stunningly contemporary gas fire would go up in price by over £50! this quite sharp price increase could take away money that could take this amazing fire over your budget!
The Drugasar Metro 100XT would go in price by over £50!

Electric fires arent exempt from the VAT rise either with the Apex Intense Hang-On-The-Wall electric fire with a stunning flame effect and high-quality black granite fascia would go up in price by over £30. This raise is price is equal in cost to running the 2kW silent heater on high constantly for over 250 hours! That means that buying the fire before Christmas without the extra 2.5% VAT would save you enough money to have the fire on the low 1kW heat setting from the 22nd of December, all the way through the festive season until the 5th of January! Or, phrasing it another way, that £30 saving would run the flame effect constantly for 5 years!
Buy now and save enough money to run the heater on low for 3 weeks!

Purchasing a multi-fuel stove before the 2.5% increase would certainly make sense, with that extra 2.5% working out at being nearly nearly £30 on the Vermont Castings Intrepid III multi-fuel stove, that £30 would go a long was towards getting the stove installed, or pay for that first load of fuel to store for the festive season, there is nothing better than sitting in front of a cracking log stove when it is cold and dark outside!

So if you're thinking about purchasing a gas or electric fire or stove, it would certainly be worth while and purchase before Christmas to save that extra 2.5%, it's amazing how far that 2.5% can take you.

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