Tuesday 7 February 2012

Bio Ethanol Flueless Fires Now Accepted As A Credible Alternative To Both Gas Fires And Electric Fires

Having been the first Bio Ethanol Fire company to be awarded ‘First Prize’ in The Best Alternative Category and achieving a ‘Runners Up’ position in The Best Overall Product Category at this years Hearth & Home Exhibition in Harrogate The Naked Flame have firmly announced themselves as the ones to watch in the supply of Bio Ethanol Flueless Fires to the UK marketplace.
“Just by being nominated for the awards gives credible acceptance that Bio Ethanol Flueless Fires by The Naked Flame have now been recognised as a real alternative to both gas and electric fires” said Andrea Riley the company managing director, “but then to go on to win one award and achieve a runners up place in another establishes our products as credible eco-friendly heating solutions for the home”.
Traditionally, the only alternative to gas and electric fires has been solid fuel fires. However, with the ever increasing costs of both gas and electricity coupled with the increase in apartment living and the fact that many homes no longer having working chimneys Bio Ethanol Flueless Fires offer real flames as the perfect alternative without the worry of costly installation or ‘how much your bill is going to be for heating your living room the previous night’.
Working 100% efficiently without the need for a chimney or flue The Naked Flame offers a wide range of Bio Ethanol Flueless Fire products that can sit on table tops, in ‘hole in the wall’ situations or mock/empty fireplaces, they can also free stand in the centre of a living room or conservatory or be screwed to almost any wall by any capable DIY enthusiast. Installation really is that simple. However, if you are unsure, The Naked Flame always advise that you seek professional advice about fixing to walls.
With no smoke emissions there is no need for a chimney or flue and you do not need to worry about toxins as ethanol does not emit any when burning, it’s only emission is carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour in amounts almost equal to that of a person exhaling. No smoke means no black marks on ceilings and the benefit of a ‘no chimney requirement’ means that 100% of the heat stays in the room with you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience in the knowledge that because you have pre-purchased your fuel which is sold in cases of 12 litres at a time and delivered for free, your fully in control of your heating cost expenditure should this be a concern to you.
So there you have it, Bio Ethanol Flueless Fires are suitable for any situation, are eco-friendly, give off no smoke or toxins, can sit on tabletops, hole in wall situations, in empty fireplaces or mock fireplace or can freestand, there’s even a version built in to a coffee table. They really are a credible alternative to a gas or electric fire and now available from House 2 Home Megastore

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