Tuesday 31 May 2011

Drugasar Update

A couple of week ago we paid a visit to our friends at Drugasar and their Innovations Roadshow, they had some very exciting news, they adding to their Metro range, with more details to follow as soon as it is launched!

They also shared with us the below image of one of thier Metro Fires with the Ceraglass interior! I think it really adds something that isn't quite matched by the standard black or natural interior. The flames reflecting the warm glow back into the room add that extra depth that makes the flames even more alluring! Although it is a little extra I think it would certainly add that extra wow factor! While the natural interior certainly gives the traditional log fire feel the relfexive black glass interior adds a very modern and cutting edge finish.

We also had a demostration of the Drugasar PowerVent® system that will allow your Drugasar balanced flue fire to be installed almost anywhere in your property, allowing even more flexibility to that already offered by the standard balanced flue system. But we will have more news about each product as they are officially launched. For now, we leave you with a video of the Metro 100XT Tunnel, what better way to make a design statement and separate two rooms than to use the Metrol 100XT Tunnel.

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